Long Island Housing Podcast #032 – Housing Market Update June 2020

On this episode of the Long Island Housing Podcast, Tom McGiveron discusses the market shift that’s about to come our way. Is it a buyers market or sellers market? Find out in this episode. 

Things you may have missed? 

You can watch the video of the previous podcast about how to prepare for the market on our team Facebook Page (and follow us – that would be awesome).

Get the slides at TomMcGiveron.com/MyWebinar. If you’re in the market to buy and are feeling a bit overwhelmed, don’t worry, it’s normal. This webinar is excellent and discusses issues that are facing home buyers (and sellers) right now, during COVID-19 concerns.

Call me with any questions, (631)831-9048.

Posted on June 3, 2020 at 10:00 pm
Tom McGiveron | Category: Referral Agent Podcast

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